UK 49 teatime and lunchtime lotto

UK 49

UK 49 is one of the emerging lottos from the UK and you can use it as a link to other bookmakers in the UK. On the , you can get previews of various bookmakers and results of the various draws.

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The Site is actually registered in Wales and England but there is no facility to play to play through this site at the moment but it will not be long before players can play the UK 49 on their official site.

UK 49 is played twice daily at teatime and lunchtime so players will enjoy this game more regularly than the other lottos who mostly do their draws only twice a week.

You must be 18 years or older to play this game as it is illegal for children to be involved in gambling. For a player to win, they must choose three correct numbers to match the numbers from the draw . The numbers can be selected from a range of 1-49 only.

The jackpots are not big but one of the major positives about this game is that there is no waiting period for you to collect your money because you can collect your winnings as you play the game.

If you are a player who would like to try something new, try UK49 and experience lotto in a different way.



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  1. can i play uk lunchtime and teatime using mobile phone withought sand copy of my id book and prove of resident.

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