Greece Lotto

Greece Lotto is a very popular lotto in Greece and it is run by OPAP. It is popular due to the affordability of the tickets because an average ticket costs only$0.50 , however , the cheaper the ticket, the lower the jackpot prize. The minimum guaranteed jackpot prize is $300 000, which is not as good as the minimum jackpot from other lottos.

Greece Lotto is 6/49 which means the player has to pick 6 numbers from range 1-49 and it is important to note that if there is no winner , then the jackpot will be rolled over to the next draw .

There are two draws weekly on Wednesday and Saturday which close at 20:00hrs on those days. The biggest jackpot ever won on Greece Lotto is $7.5 Million in 2010, which is a huge amount indeed.

The prize money is subject to tax to both local and international players as well and once you have one the jackpot, you have up to three months to collect your cash.


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