Lottoland South Africa


Lottoland will be launching in South Africa soon. read our review of the international site below: Review

The magical world of global lotteries have become a staple of the online betting community and the opportunities for a life-altering win are a mere click away. is one of the most comprehensive lottery betting sites in the world, offering some of the most substantial win-opportunities imaginable. See all lotto betting sites.

Lottery is not just about landing the mind-bending mega-millions but is also about the freedom of imagination that placing a stake entails. Go to Hollywoodbets lotto betting.

Dreaming of owning a yacht, telling your boss to take a hike, buying an island or becoming the next Warren Buffet is what the magical world of lotteries provide.

Lottoland provides punters with a chance to reach for the stars by offering lotteries from cryptocurrency to multi-million dollar rewards.

The site is slick, professional and bursting with life, with a colour scheme that offers a sunny disposition. The look and feel of a site provides a sense of comfort for punters across all seven continents and is accessible to any lucky player who is connected to the internet.

The site is licensed out of Gibraltar and the bet-slip accepts and pays out in British pounds.


In the site’s terms and conditions an explanation of how lottoland works regarding the licensing for world-wide pay-outs is as follows:

Punters must be aware that by subscribing to the platform and purchasing bet slips, that this does not means they are buying an official lottery ticket according to the providers for e.g. Euro Millions, but means it is a punt on the outcome of the respective lottery-draws every day across the world.

Like a majority of online lottery betting sites, players of lottoland do purchase a ticket but this is exclusive to the respective site. This means that if you predict the outcome of the Euro Millions and pay a ‘ticket’ from then ‘Lottoland’ will pay out the same prize money.

The site generates revenue by the sales of ‘tickets’ or bets across the world and takes out massive insurance when the lottery jackpots reach hundreds of millions of pounds. In essence it is just like playing a lottery as the prizes are the same as advertised but the onus is not on a country’s lottery board to pay but rather the site service provider (in this case lottoland).


The site goes into great detail as to the legitimacy and legality of the service with a decent size of the landing page (scroll to bottom) advertising all the required disclaimers. The fact that a bet-site can offer to pay out ostensibly billions of British pounds often leads to some discomfort with many punters. There are some punters that may believe this site is a scam, but lottoland does all it can to dispel that notion.

We will get to the jazzy, breezy billions of pounds a bit later; first we must dissect the deposit, withdrawal, maximum pay-outs and all other legalese.

According to research, Lottoland is offered to 12 countries including the likes of the UK, Australia, Poland, Ireland and Spain.

If an interested subscriber to the site scrolls to the bottom and reads about all the important payment information they will find everything explained in a professional manner.


Lottoland guarantees the jackpot prizes – and because it is registered and licensed by respective gaming boards in many countries a player could sue the government for the winnings as they are by proxy allowing them to offer this service. The site promises to pay smaller prize monies directly into the bank account of your choice immediately while with the massive pay-outs running into hundreds of millions of pounds you will have to wait until their insurance kicks up the amount.

Due to the substantial nature of the jackpot pay-outs it is important to read the terms and conditions very carefully and while the T%C’s are stringent they are also easily accessible to subscribers.

In fact, if you want to feel safe in knowing that your hard-earned cash is going to make your dreams come true then it is advised to read every word on the entire site. There is not enough space on this review platform to go through every condition, needless to say it is comprehensively covered.

The site could offer a gazillion pounds but if a punter feels strongly about legitimacy then extensive research is required. From all the research this reviewer has done, and based not exclusively on their site they look legit.

Payment details

Registering or logging in are simple exercises and punters can follow the prompts, while the site offers most major banking options such as Visa, MasterCard, Paysafe, NETELLER and Skrill.

Depositing and withdrawing is not complicated and follows the same procedure as with any online betting site (sports and lottery).

The site offers the service in nine languages showcasing its international flavour.

Services and games offered

Moving away from the legal side of payments we will look at the variety of lotteries available as well as many other game-options that are playable by punters.

Lottoland offers Euro Millions, Mega-Millions, Euro-Millions GO, Scratch cards, Instant wins, games and yet more jackpot prizes.

All these lotteries and win-opportunities are featured strongly on the landing page and a click on the link, will take the punter to the requisite lotto.

Under the ‘other jackpots’ link there are a host of lotteries including a Bitcoin cryptocurrency draw that will pay pout a staggering 2000 bitcoins, and dependant on current value could equate to a tidy sum. Punters may also want to hang on to these rare coins for future investment opportunities, should they win of course.

Lottoland offers a host of international lotteries with payments all in excess of the 20million pound+ mark.

The tickets are expensive ranging from 10 pounds upwards but the rewards are astronomical. As with all lotteries there are pay –outs for reduced predicted numbers in a respective draw. Some pay-out one lucky number out of 10, with prize monies going higher the more numbers are correctly picked on a playing ticket.

One of the biggest current pay-outs is the US Mega-Millions which is sitting at over 400 million British pounds.

The site offers a variety of other high-paying games like the Bingo jackpot of 200 000 pounds, the Ozwin’s jackpot of over 10 million pounds and the Lucha Maniacs among many others.

Lottoland offers something for all the big dreamers and lottery fans across the globe.

According to the site there are more than 6 million current subscribers and they pay out almost a billion pounds a year to an estimated 750 000 winners. If you divide the winners by the players then a punter has roughly a 1 in ten shot of earning cash.

The site also offers on-the-hour jackpot draws and with all the scratch cards and a myriad of other bet-opportunities there is a constant stream of huge fortunes to be made.