SA Lotto Review

SA lotto

Ever since it has been established in 2000, South African Lotto (SA Lotto) has become one of the most popular and trusted Lotto in South Africa and this may be due to the affordability of the tickets and the competitive odds they offer.

SA Lotto is not different from other Lottos and players should find this lotto easy and exciting to play. Important to note is the fact that SA lotto is also available for international players so anyone can enjoy playing this lotto from anywhere in the world. International players should simply buy the lotto tickets from the official website

SA Lotto comes in the standard 6out of 49 format which means that in order to win the jackpot, one has to pick six numbers between 6 and 49 and hope that they match the draw. In case you don’t pick the six correct numbers, you can be awarded for winning 3 ,4 and 5 correct numbers.


There are two ways of playing this lotto :

  • Choose your six numbers.
  • Quick Pick Option where your numbers are chosen randomly.

The jackpot prize is not that great as compared to other lottos but the good thing is that the jackpot is tax free so you will be smiling all the way to the bank to get your money. The record jackpot for SA Lotto stands at a whooping R57 Million.

Draws are conducted weekly every Wednesday and Saturday and if the jackpot has not been won, it will be rolled over to the next jackpot and the money will keep on increasing.




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